Customs Clearance

All goods entering the territory of the Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are subject to customs clearance.

Customs declaration can be made by the declarant or customs brokers. For declarants who do not have enough experience to choose the necessary customs procedures, classification of goods, proper calculation of customs duties, it is difficult not to make a mistake. Also an important factor is the amount of time spent for customs clearance of incoming goods - minimization of delays in customs clearance reduces the cost of temporary storage facilities, demurrage of containers and transport vehicles.

Therefore, the choice of a reliable and experienced broker in customs clearance is the right step to save not only time but to a large extent a considerable amount of money for the declarant.

Our company offers the following range of services in customs clearance:

  • electronic declaration
  • assistance in the registration of a declarant's company with customs authorities
  • assistance in preparing all necessary documents
  • classification of goods according to the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity (CN FEA,
  • acquisition of classification decisions for the imported goods for the declaring company
  • calculation of customs value and determining the amount of customs duties
  • assistance in obtaining permits under the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union
  • execution of all operations on behalf of the customs representative on instructions of the customer
  • payment of customs duties
  • customs clearance "same day"
  • preparation of export/import foreign economic contract
  • assistance in the implementation of foreign economic contract
  • automatic informing of the customer about the arrival/dispatch of cargoes through e-mail or SMS

Services of customs representatives are based on the contract with the represented person (the declarant). Cost of services is composed of the specific operations performed. There is a flexible system of discounts.

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