Logistics (Freight Shipping)

We offer services for organization of international shipping, including intermodal transportation, the basic principle of which is to combine different types of transport, as well as the use of international cargo terminals for transshipment, storage and consolidation of goods en route to their destination points.

Working closely with international carriers and foreign warehouse operators (in Finland, Italy and Estonia) and having large number of partners and contractors allows the company to arrange delivery "door to door", using the optimal in time and magnitude of costs methods of transportation.

Coordinating with the customer, our company is able to assist in the delivery of goods anywhere in Russia after the customs clearance.

Specialists in our department of transportation logistics are able carry out:

  • necessary preliminary negotiations with the customer, the selection of the transport scheme, the calculations of rates for the selected circuit, the coordination of cost and time of delivery;
  • daily contact with members of the transportation process - receiving and providing information required for the transportation of goods;
  • control of the appropriate storage of goods and provision of information to the client and key players in the transit process;
  • informing the customer about the whereabouts and expected dates of arrival of the goods;
  • organization of weighting of goods, determination of product quality, selection of samples and probing for various authorities while the goods are at the bonded warehouse;
  • in case of discrepancies between the product and the information provided by the customer or the carrier specified in the shipping documentation, immediate notification of the customer or the carrier for the need to take action;
  • processing of shipping documents, certificates, upon the request of the customer in accordance with international, customs and governmental regulations, requirements and standards;
  • providing of transportation and customs clearance of consolidated cargoes;
  • control of the coordinated work of all agencies involved in the transportation;
  • at customer's request, an additional cargo insurance against all risks;
  • at customer's request, escort of the cargo from the Russian border to the destination terminal, as well as anywhere in Russia to the final destination point;
  • representation of interests of the customer abroad.

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